A home run is perfect.
A home run is a gift.
A home run is history.
And sometimes history picks you.
Who are you?

My name is Jeff. I am a photographer, web developer, and baseball fan.

Why did you make this site?

I was watching TV when Derek Jeter got his 3000th hit, which also happened to be a home run. I wondered how much publicity Christian Lopez, the guy who caught it, would get. Then I started wondering if anyone had ever put together a list of people who had caught famous home run balls. I couldn't believe no one had! So I built in July 2011.

Where did you get all of your information?

Lots and lots and lots of Googling.

I have information that you can use. How can I help?

Leave a comment at the bottom of the home page, or send me an e-mail using the "got info?" link at the bottom of the page.